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4:30 PM16:30

Uncovering the Garden (Seed Festival, Stroud)

Learn ways to “see” and explore the landscape of group culture, specifically within the emergent context of climate change. Through storytelling, structured play, and small group activities, we will uncover our own hidden landscape of cultural expectations, along with some guideposts to create more sustainable and life-affirming ways of being together.

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to Mar 17

Sharing Governance (Introductory Series, Part 3)

This workshop demonstrates the interface between a group’s culture and its formal systems of governance. It teaches the fundamentals of Sociocracy 3.0 as a practical guide to sharing leadership, power, and decision-making, and explores the cultural elements which enable – or prevent – shared governance systems to succeed.  

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to Feb 17

Body-Informed Leadership (Introductory Series, Part 2)

This workshop focuses on the role of psychological safety in our group cultures, particularly its function in supporting risk-taking, innovation, and diversity. It teaches the Somatic understandings and practices that support psychological safety at the deepest, felt-sense level, along with body-based communication practices which allow us to hold ourselves and each other accountable to a shared evolutionary purpose. BIL invokes a new paradigm of leadership in which each person understands their crucial role in co-creating the fabric of Somatic safety and interconnection in their group cultures.

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to Jan 13

Uncovering the Garden (Introductory Series, Part 1)

This workshop supports participants to “see” and explore the landscape of group culture. We will introduce a Somatic skillset, which will enable participants to sense into, identify and unpack their expectations, biases, and needs in relation to group cultures. We will playfully externalize, question, and transform our own implicit belief systems with embodied and creative exercises and guided whole- and small-group reflection, and will explore and define the cultural elements that most support our groups to thrive.

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