Our Clients

Culture Garden works with groups of all kinds – including voluntary associations, social enterprises, communities, governments and more – who are committed to creating a thriving, life-sustaining civilisation for future generations. In particular, we support groups that seek to transition away from hierarchical ways of being and doing based in an ethos of separation, and towards more partnership-oriented systems. By supporting these organisations and groups to evolve their group cultures, we know we are making a powerful contribution to a better world.

we Partner with Individuals and Groups that:

  • Are working to create a better future for coming generations;

  • Seek to transition towards more collaborative, partnership-oriented systems;

  • Are exhausted by repetitive, destructive patterns in internal culture such as bullying, scapegoating, perfectionism and burnout;

  • May lack strong engagement with Vision/Mission/Aims as a unifying and guiding force;

  • Want to cultivate a healthy group culture as a supportive foundation for their actions in the world;

  • Are ready to disrupt existing personal, interpersonal, and cultural patterns to stimulate profound changes; and,

  • Are positioned to inspire and inform others to do the same.