Our Rates

Not everything that is counted counts. And not everything that counts can be counted.
— Albert Einstein

We always offer a free initial consultation, so if your questions are not answered here, simply contact us.


Our Approach

Our rates vary widely, depending on the size, structure, and economic circumstances of the groups we work with. At the outset of our partnership with you, we will have a discussion about what feels like a good fit for both parties, make an agreement, and will review and update that agreement as our work progresses.   

Occasionally we receive partial funding for our programs, which allows us to partner with groups that are not financially abundant. If a funding partnership would support you to work with us, please inform us of this during our initial consultation.

Trust and great relationships are important to us. We promise to communicate cleanly and clearly with you regarding money (and everything else) and we invite you to do the same with us.