Our Team

James Wood, MA, CED


James is a Community Engagement specialist, and a gifted partnership-builder with 15 years of experience with governments, charities, and community groups in strength based and collaborative decision-making processes to find common-ground solutions to local, regional, and global economic challenges.

James holds a Master's Degree in Sustainability and Public Policy, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology & Community Economic Development (CED) from Simon Fraser University.  He has held senior positions in the Canadian government (Yukon Region), and is currently engaged in community & economic development initiatives in Devon, England, as well as supporting organisations to thrive through his action planning approach. He also holds space for conversations about "the Healthy Masculine" as a pathway for restoring wellbeing in communities. He is a founding member, bringing his strengths in working with groups, holding a clear and responsive container, planning, and project management. His private website is: www.JamesWood.ca


Deborah Benham, MSc, PhD


Deborah skillfully engages the vibrant meeting place between organisational governance and group culture. During her 6-year term as Managing Director for the Newbold Trust sustainable living retreat centre in Scotland, she introduced sociocratic governance systems, social permaculture, and nature-connection practices — giving her first-hand experience of transforming a complex organisation’s governance and group culture.

Deborah is a Certified Sociocracy Consultant, a Gaia Education lead facilitator, and is currently directing the establishment of the 8 Shields Institute in the UK. She is a founding member, bringing her expertise in governance, regenerative cultures, deep nature connection, leadership, and social enterprise.  She holds a PhD from the University of Nottingham in marine ecotourism, with a specialisation in stakeholder engagement and collaboration.


Madelanne Rust-D'Eye, MA, R-DMT, RSME


Madelanne is a Canadian psychotherapist with a private practice based in Totnes, Devon, England. She has a Master’s degree in Somatic Counselling Psychology from Naropa University (Colorado, USA), with specializations in Dance/Movement Therapy and Body Psychotherapy. Madelanne believes in the transformational potential that body- and movement-based psychological paradigms hold for global culture.

Madelanne offers experiential educational programs and consulting for organizations, communities, and change-makers, teaching the latest insights from neuroscience and embodied psychology along with a set of tools to support groups’ Body-Informed Leadership; and, she joyfully facilitates a group embodiment practice called Movement in Relationship. She is a founding member, where she brings her skills as a facilitator, experiential educator, and Body-Informed mentor. Her private website is: www.BodyIntelligence.ca


Root Cuthbertson, MA

2018-02 1937 cropped.jpg

Root creates experiential opportunities for learning by designing for and gracefully dancing with group energy.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Education from Vermont College of Norwich University, and is certified in participatory facilitation, ecopsychology, and as a trainer for Gaia Education. 

Root is also a talented wordsmith, and delights in assisting groups to present complex information so that anyone can understand it. Practically, this can look like governing documents, policies & bylaws, operations manuals, organisational handbooks, orientation guides, or training materials.

On a pilgrimage to fully embody his values, Root has been gathering real-world stories about harmony, regeneration, and hope.  Whether working with permaculture farms, ecovillage initiatives, neighbourhood revitalization projects, or holistic retreat centers, Root’s guiding question is: “What is most needed here now?”