Our Programs & Services

We regularly offer our experiential educational programs to groups of all kinds (such as communities, social enterprises, and government bodies) that seek to radically evolve their group’s culture. We occasionally offer programs to the public (see our “Events” page for details). We also engage in longer-term partnerships with groups who seek to integrate new cultural paradigms and practices into their own group systems over time.

Our Framework


We like to use the metaphor of the “Mother Tree” to describe our culture-building work. A Mother Tree is a large, often very ancient tree which acts as a central hub in a vast underground forest network. Through their extensive root systems, Mother Trees supply the other trees around them with extra nutrients when they are sick, send messages about environmental changes or threats, and enculturate seedlings with the fungal cultures they will need to thrive in their particular soil.  

Similarly, Culture Garden sees itself as a hub and distribution point for cultural nutrients. Because we embody and practice the cultural tools we bring, we are able to “enculturate” other groups rather than “educate” them. We make information available on many levels at once, so that what arises in the held space of our programs & services can be shaped by the needs of the moment. There is no blueprint for our work – although there are guideposts! – because we see every program as a living synergy with our clients.