Our Services

At every stage of the process, our strong, synergistic support draws from the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of the group, and the wisdom of the body, growing collaborative ways to live and work together.

Our Training, Consultancy, and Mentoring for individuals, organisations and communities draws from our Team's expertise in Community Development, Shared Governance, Body Informed Leadership, Peace Building, and Nature Connection to support organisations and groups to design and grow the collaborative group cultures that will best underpin and support their work in the world.

And, we hold space for the - sometimes bumpy! - transitional process that most organisations and groups go through as old patterns are brought to light and compassionately released, even while they integrate new ways of being.


When requested, we host workshops and training in our areas of specialisation and expertise ā€“ Community Development, Shared Governance, Body Informed Leadership, Peace Building, and Nature Connection ā€“ combining our methodologies to focus in on specific themes that being invited or asked for. 


Firstly we offer a 1 day assessment and meet nā€™ greet - to get to know your organisation, project and team. After this we collaboratively agree if we are going to work together and map out a journey that feels great to everyone. This can include 1-1 mentoring of key staff, small group work, trainings, facilitation of group process and decision-making, project management, and creation of reports, plans and recommendations. Our aim is always to facilitate the very best and most brilliant outcome for your group, based on your Vision, your values and gifts. We know your group already has the answers within it: we create a safe, creative and hugely enjoyable container for those gifts to arise, while offering you a set of tools and practices that support the process and your future plans.


If you would like to work on your own personal or professional development, leadership skills or find fantastic ways to overcome challenges, we are here to provide you with support. Mentoring is usually done over the phone or online, although an initial face to face meeting is sometimes a nice way to start. Mentoring is also a great way to build support and allies within your organisation, so if you are already sure you want to make changes in your group, and you need support from some other key players, we can work with you and with them to explore ideas and build a common vision.