Our Programs & Services

We support groups to transition away from “business-as-usual” ways of being and doing together and towards organisational models that are more self-determined, responsive, and rooted in the personal and relational wellbeing of each member. Our facilitators draw from our professional backgrounds in community engagement and cultural change to create structured and emergent spaces in which groups can explore, understand, and evolve their group cultures. We also hold space for the complex and multi-layered process of integrating cultural changes into group systems over time.

We occasionally offer Events to the public to support this growing field of awareness.

The Challenge

At this moment in time, many of our group cultures are sick. They have become the repositories for outdated relational patterns such as scapegoating, bullying, hierarchy, domination, and separation, which persist unconsciously in our groups’ relational fields despite our best efforts to evolve. Instead of supporting innovation, unhealthy group cultures keep us stuck in old ways of thinking, feeling, and doing. Instead of making us more effective, they create unproductive conflict, role confusion, and anxiety. Many of us feel these impacts in our workplaces and communities, and yet we can have difficulty naming and understanding the source of the problem. 


Cultural expectations are developed and carried beneath our conscious awareness and are often more “felt” than “known.” We support groups to learn the skills and practices required to understand and engage with this hidden landscape: to identify the dynamics, needs, and issues at play in their cultural field; to compassionately release patterns that no longer serve their wellbeing; and, to become active participants in co-creating healthy group cultures that express their values and empower their work in the world.

Simultaneously, we support groups to plan and enact the structural and systemic changes over time which allow their healthy group cultures to flourish. This is a multi-dimensional process which can include governance and decision making systems, strength based mapping of the organisational assets and needs, action planning, and role/task descriptions & supportive review processes to name a few structural supports. A healthy culture functions best when it is in a reciprocal and harmonious relationship with these more formal group processes.

We call this practice Culture Gardening.