Format of Our Programs

All of our programs are comprised of a series of in-person modules, with online discussion, support, and project-based, community-engaged work in-between. Tailor-made to meet the needs of communities, youth leaders, and organisations, they provide an orientation to the key elements of group cultures, experientially unpack current best practices, and guide and support participants to invest their learning back into their home cultures.

Program building-blocks:

  • Connection, Creativity, and Collaboration

  • Storytelling & Play

  • Beautiful Economics

  • Governance and Decision-Making

  • Nature Connection

  • Body-Informed Leadership

  • Peacebuilding

  • Community Engagement

We know that every group has its own version of “healthy;” however, we’ve found that these key building blocks create the conditions for a diversity of healthy cultures to grow. We engage these elements in everything we do.