Members of our team regularly provide customised support to organisations and communities. We draw from our individual areas of specialisation along with our shared culture-building frameworks to help our clients evolve and transform in the way that best meets their needs. Our consulting work frequently includes:

Action Planning

Through deep listening, reflection and mapping strengths and intentions, our team holds the creative space for organisations and communities to “sense and respond” in order to align their Vision with vibrant actions, attuned with their higher purpose. We draw from strength-based (ABCD) and Community Economic Development (CED) approaches to engage the whole system in guiding its own transformational process. We synergise the rooted energy of staying grounded and structured with the vital and expansive energy of being open and responsive to the emergent nature of any initiative.

Our Action Planning processes often include:

  • Organisational statements (Vision, Mission, Aims, Areas of Focus)

  • Group agreements (including peacemaking and communication)

  • Governance (design, practice, problem-solving)


We design facilitation programs to support our clients to navigate particular moments of change, or to investigate important themes in their group cultures. We bring attention to both the larger process, as well as to personal and interpersonal development. By empowering and supporting team members, as well as the linkages between members, our facilitation supports dynamic leadership environments where authority is distributed throughout the whole.