Programs for Communities and Organisations

Our Community programs are an incredibly comprehensive deep-dive into the landscape of group culture. In these programs, The Culture Garden gets alongside communities to help them to compassionately assess their cultural status quo, to notice areas of challenge or potential, and to identify and develop the cultural strengths and practices they need to fulfil their true potential. These programs include a mixture of experiential education, small-and-large-group practice, and ongoing project management support.

Our approach

Without cultural practices that cultivate safety, trust and vulnerability, when innovative ideas start to lose their capacity, enthusiasm or focus, interpersonal dynamics can begin to undermine even the most carefully-planned processes. 

As we honour the deep journey it takes co-create, which is why we ensure attention is given to both the larger process, as well as to personal and interpersonal wellness.

By empowering and supporting team members, as well as the linkages between members, we encourage a leadership style that promotes dynamically egalitarian environments where authority is distributed throughout the whole. 

We use foundational “social technology tools", to offer clear guidelines and practices of ‘how’ we are together:

  • Organisational statements

    • Vision, Mission, Aims: arising from within the wisdom of the Body, the Group & Nature connection. 

  • Group agreements

    • should we work together, and if so, how we agree to work together

  • Shared Governance

    • for collaborative decision making

  • Role Descriptions and Self Evaluations

    • Clearly defined Roles & Reviews to empower each member, collaboratively 

  • Ongoing group practices of

    • Compassionate Communication

    • The Way of Council

    • Peacemaking

The Culture Garden believes in a foundation of Connection, Creativity & Collaboration, where the above listed foundational ‘Social Technology’ tools are the best way to start your journey, together to cultivate an environment of safety, trust and vulnerability. We call these practices the ‘Invisible Infrastructure’, that allow space for nature connection, quiet reflection, and bringing our dreams to consciousness through the wisdom of the Body, the Group and Nature Connection.

These tools support an awareness of the personal and group genius – the internal channels of feedback and communication loops – while integrating compassionate accountability protocols.