Our Clients

We work with brilliant people: individuals and organisations deeply committed to consciously designing a healthy thriving future for our children and the future generations.

we work with Organisations and communities that are:

  • Ready to disrupt existing personal, interpersonal, and cultural patterns to stimulate profound changes;

  • Transitioning to more agile, collaborative, self-determined systems of governance;

  • Curious about grounding the guiding Vision/Mission/Aims in a robust system of values and an interpersonal code of conduct;

  • Seeking facilitation, training, project management, and planning support that fruitfully includes the nuances of human complexity.

Our Payment Approach

Ultimately, what economics attempts to measure, underneath money, is the totality of all that human beings make and do for each other.
— Charles Eisentein

finding the right fit

We offer a sliding scale for our work. We ask clients to self-assess what feels like a good fit for them within our scale, based on the financial situation of their organisation or group. 

There may be variations in price on our end too, depending on the venues we partner with, the services required, and what feels like Right Relationship for our particular energy exchange.

Trust and great relationships are important to us. We promise to communicate cleanly and clearly with you regarding money (and everything else) and we invite you to do the same with us.

We will always offer a free consultation to talk directly with you, to see if we’ll be the right match for your needs.


  • Per day sliding scale: £300 - £800
  • Training Courses: 
    • £50-£100 pp/ single day course,
    • £150-£250 pp/ weekends
  • 1-1 Mentoring: Sliding scale of £60 - £100 per hour