Our Clients

Our clients are committed to creating a thriving, life-sustaining civilisation for future generations, with its roots firmly planted in healthy group cultures. They are enthusiastically willing to think outside the box, to look beneath the surface of things and to challenge habits and relational patterns that no longer serve their wellbeing. They understand that discomfort is part of any true process of change, and they don’t shy away from exploring the edges, the margins, and even occasionally the deep end of chaos, on their quest towards a new understanding of what whole and healthy cultures look, feel, and act like.

we Partner with Individuals and Groups that:

  • Are working to create a better future for coming generations;

  • Seek to transition towards more collaborative, partnership-oriented systems;

  • Are exhausted by repetitive, destructive patterns in internal culture such as bullying, scapegoating, perfectionism and burnout;

  • Are seeking greater engagement and an Evolutionary orientation;

  • Want to cultivate a healthy group culture as a supportive foundation for their actions in the world;

  • Are ready to disrupt existing personal, interpersonal, and cultural patterns to stimulate profound changes; and,

  • Are positioned to inspire and inform others to do the same.


James’s multi-faceted skills at shepherding a project from early stages to completion are exceptional. In his warm and unique way, he manages to hold both the small details and the greater vision of a project at once, while also remaining present to changes in the emotional field as the process evolves and encounters inevitable challenges. The development of my social impact fund greatly benefitted from his perfectly timed guidance and his clarifying questions as well as from the breadth of experience he draws from when assessing necessary next steps. I’m greatly looking forward to the chance of working with James again!
— Lisanna Sullivan, Trinity Social Impact Fund (Global)
Culture Garden adeptly lead my business partner and I through a Visioning process to help us get more clarity on what we want to create together moving forwards. James provided a reassuringly clear, comprehensive structure to assist us but showed great sensitivity and flexibility within the form. We found his enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude irresistibly infectious and inspiring. I highly recommend his work.
— Freddy Weaver, Land Based Community Business, Devon UK
I’ve worked with Madelanne on at least 20 occasions, and have been totally impressed by her abilities in all her roles - facilitator in our organisational “offsite” meetings, delivering course materials in a training setting, and co-facilitator at an international multi-day conference/gathering. She has that extremely rare combination of skills that enables her to design and deliver complex educational material, to co-design and facilitate in charged settings and to create a safe setting where the participants can bring their whole selves to a group gathering. And in all of these, she’s able to embrace the whole continuum between emergence and the prearranged agenda; between left-brain/right-brain activities; between inner and outer work; between the group and the individual; between intervention and letting it flow; between people and process; between humour and solemnity; between ritual and spontaneity. And amazingly, she’s able to walk that nuanced line across all of them. Seeing someone so “at home” in the complex and charged world of fast-shifting group dynamics is quite the spectacle.
— Ben Brangwyn, Transition Network International