About Us

We believe that a healthy group culture is the ground which gives rise to successful projects and thriving communities.

Here at Culture Garden, we have seen first-hand the ways that the interpersonal realm can be a group's life blood, nourishing, inspiring, and invigorating it throughout its lifespan. We have also seen the ways that - when unsupported - this same phenomenon can undermine a group's success, keeping it mired in problematic interpersonal dynamics from past systems even as it struggles to evolve.  

Our Team is passionate about helping groups develop the cultural strengths they need to release old patterns, and to allow their work in the world to truly shine.

Our Name

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We chose the name "Culture Garden" to describe our practice of creating a supportive environment for groups in which a diversity of healthy cultural forms can grow. "Culture" is commonly defined as "the learned social behaviours, ideas, and customs of a particular people or society". Here at Culture Garden, we are particularly interested in the conscious and unconscious agreements and assumptions a group holds about how its members interact within themselves, with each other, and with the outside world. We've discovered ways to powerfully evolve the overall health and effectiveness of groups. At the same time, we recognize that every group's strengths, needs, and priorities – and hence, their version of "healthy" – are unique.

Our framework


We also like to use the metaphor of the “Mother Tree” to describe our culture-building work. A Mother Tree is a large, often very ancient tree which acts as a central hub in a vast underground forest network. Through their extensive root systems, Mother Trees supply the other trees around them with extra nutrients when they are sick, send messages about environmental changes or threats, and enculturate seedlings with the fungal cultures they will need to thrive in their particular soil.   

Similarly, Culture Garden sees itself as a hub and distribution point for cultural nutrients. Because we embody and practice the cultural tools we bring, we are able to “enculturate” other groups rather than “educate” them. We make information available on many levels at once, so that what arises in the held space of our programs & services can be shaped by the needs of the moment. There is no blueprint for our work – although there are guideposts! – because we see every program as a living synergy with our clients.